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7 Levels of Wealth Manifestaton

                  7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation

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This is our 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation Review. If you are looking for the 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation official site, please click the link below.

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I first came across the 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation program when I was searching online for a way of using emotional freedom technique (e.f.t.) to help me understand and clear my blockages to wealth. Having achieved abundance in virtually every other area of my life, my wealth and financial freedom was the last piece of my abundance jigsaw puzzle.

I knew that e.f.t. was an effective healing tool based on years of science. I had used the technique previously to successful heal my fear of flying and procrastination issues. But for some reason, using this amazing healing modality to clear my blockages to wealth had not been nearly as successful.

So when I heard that Margaret Lynch had developed 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation – a new E.F.T. program that delved into the root cause of money blocks by incorporating chakra clearing, I was both intrigued and excited – and I wanted to investigate further. But being a skeptic at heart, I had to wonder – does it really work? Before I get into the pros and cons of my 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation review, let’s take a closer look at the program.


7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation Review – What is It?

The 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation program is the latest from E.F.T. guru, Margaret Lynch. Ms. Lynch has been has been helping people heal their emotional and personal growth issues with E.F.T. for years, and is heralded as one of the best in the personal coaching arena.

Like all of Margaret’s programs, what makes 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation unique and sets it apart from other ‘E.F.T. for abundance’ programs is the depth to which it delves to clear money blocks. The key to moving past our money issues, according to Margaret, is discovering where they come from and eradicating them at the deepest level using emotional freedom technique to clear the chakras in which our blocks are embedded.



7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation Review–
What I Like?

There are many things I like about 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation – probably too many to list here. First and foremost, it uses emotional freedom technique – a time-tested and proven healing modality. E.F.T. is the perfect blend of acupressure and psychotherapy and is known to produce fast and long-lasting results.

Second, it was created by one of the most successful E.F.T. coaches in the industry. Margaret Lynch has taken E.F.T. to another level by incorporating chakra clearing techniques to get to the root cause of your money blocks in order to eradicate them permanently.

Here a few other things I like about 7 levels of Wealth Manifestation:

  • Go at your own pace – comprehensive program including CDs, DVDs and workbook
  • Witness the success of others – case study videos
  • Review and reference – written transcripts of all the material
  • Free Bonuses
  • Immediate digital access
  • 30 day risk-free trial


7 levels of Wealth Manifestation Review –
What I Don’t Like?

Though 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation is an impressive program, there are some things that you should think about before starting:

They say that there are two sides to every coin – and this program is no exception. While it’s comforting to know that there is finally a way to eradicate your money blocks at their root cause – be prepared that this process may bring forth emotions, feelings and issues that might be uncomfortable. The process of clearing limiting beliefs is not always a warm and fuzzy one – so be prepared that the road to financial abundance may be rocky at times.

That being said, I think that a little discomfort is a small price to pay for anyone who is truly committed to clearing the blocks to their wealth, don’t you?


7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation Review –
Overall Thoughts

Overall, I’m very impressed and excited about 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation. For me, the training, support and coaching is well worth the investment. I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in some of Margaret’s teleconferences and she’s really awesome!

With 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation, Margaret has created a tapping program that takes emotional freedom technique to an unprecedented level. By incorporating the power of chakra clearing with tapping, this program makes all other ‘e.f.t for abundance’ programs look like mere fluff.

There is a loyal and growing audience of 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation students and for good reason. This program works!


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Emotional Freedom Technique

                  Emotional Freedom Technique

A breakthrough technique for changing thought patterns, releasing negative emotions and instilling positive beliefs, emotional freedom technique (EFT), has been found very effective at helping people improve their financial status. While EFT has been used very successfully in the past for pain relief, anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, addiction and eating disorders as well as a host of other physical and psychological issues, it is now being used widely to instill positive thoughts and behaviors in people who create their own roadblocks in life especially when it comes to attracting money.

Emotional Freedom Technique – Why it works

It’s been proven time and time again that the psyche is a powerful tool. Many times in life we create our own problems simply by thinking negatively or not feeling worthy of success. Of course, the dreams of success and wealth manifestation are always there, but nagging thoughts and our own internal dialogue prevent good things from happening. For example, thoughts like “I don’t deserve that promotion” causes one to behave in a manner that makes them appear like they don’t deserve a promotion, and they are often passed over for a more suitable choice simply because they didn’t believe in themselves enough.

If negative thoughts have so much power over what happens in our lives, the opposite must also be true. This is why the emotional freedom technique works so well. The emotional freedom technique involves saying positive affirmations for money as well as tapping on strategic acupuncture points located in the face, upper body, hands and wrists. Performing EFT regularly removes limiting beliefs from your mind and allows your mind to think positively. Once these blockages to money are removed, you are able to accept success and wealth in your life.


Emotional Freedom Technique –
How to Use EFT for Wealth Manifestation


Using the emotional freedom technique for wealth manifestation involves developing positive affirmations for money and repeating these affirmations – either aloud or silently – while performing the tapping technique. Normally, EFT is practiced daily and at moments whenever negative thoughts occur.

Positive affirmations for money may include:

  • It’s easy to become successful.
  • I am going to get a raise.
  • My time is worth such and such amount of money.
  • I will attract wealth and abundance.
  • I deserve to be rich.

The key is to zero in on your own personal negative mantras and change them into positive ones. For example, if you always think your coworkers are smarter or perform better than you, you can perform the emotional freedom technique while saying “I am smart and outperform my coworkers daily.”


Emotional Freedom Technique – Success Rates

While there are some people who doubt its effectiveness, the emotional freedom technique works. Sure, it may be hard to believe that someone received a check for $50,000 for apparently no reason other than they were practicing EFT, but you have to look past the hype. The truth is, EFT has gained a lot of recognition from the medical community and has been at the heart of several intense research studies. Time and again the published results have been the same: EFT works.

In 2010, a group of healthcare workers were studied. Participants used emotional freedom technique to reduce a wide range of mental-health issues including anxiety, stress and depression. The study found that most participants reduced their symptoms by as much as 45-percent. (Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, vol. 9, pp. 40-44) Similar studies have also been conducted, with the most success reported among veterans suffering from PTSD.


Using the emotional freedom technique for attracting money and creating success in your life does work. Many psychologists use this technique to help their patients overcome many issues, and they’ve all found that it’s almost always successful. If you have an open mind and are willing to accept the abundance in life you deserve, then tapping for money can help you change your negative attitude into a positive one, which will reward you in more ways than you can count.


For more information about how to attract money using emotional freedom technique, check out 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation,

or my 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation Review!


Tapping for Money

                                 Tapping for Money

Tapping for Money, a psychological technique that has helped many achieve financial security, involves using mind-over-matter techniques to help people overcome blockages to money. The premise of this technique lies in the power of the mind to both manifest great things in life and prevent them from happening simply through state of mind. For example, someone who is always negative and has a negative internal mantra like, “I’m never going to earn a promotion,” will most likely never earn a promotion. It’s those with a positive attitude – those who believe things will happen – that actually make positive things happen in their life.

Tapping for Money – What Is EFT?

Far from a new-age technique that boils down to mere hocus pocus, tapping for money utilizes proven psychological triggers and positive affirmations for money growth. Known as EFT or meridian tapping, this technique has the backing of both the psychological and medical fields and is becoming more popular by the day as a tool to reduce stress, curb bad habits and behaviors as well as for wealth manifestation.

Tapping for money is usually more effective than other types of self-help therapies including cognitive and behavioral therapy because it involves more than finding out why you think the way you do. It involves changing the way you think. Instead of doing so through willpower alone, EFT gives you the tools you need to both stop your thought processes that keep you from attracting money and replace those thoughts with positive ones that will lead you to success.


Tapping for Money – How It Works

Meridian tapping techniques involve rhythmic tapping in strategic acupressure points to promote well being and positive thinking. There are eight main focal points for EFT, most of which are located on the face, upper body, hands and wrists. Because the taps are performed in such inconspicuous places, tapping for money can be performed anywhere at any time.

Taps are performed 5 to 7 times along with affirmations for money, which may be spoken aloud or thought about silently. Some affirmations used in tapping for money might include:

  • I am prosperous and successful.
  • I have abundant wealth in my life.
  • I am earning great money at my job.
  • I will earn a promotion or bonus soon.
  • I will get a great-paying job.

Tapping for money can be performed daily as part of your wake-up routine or at several points throughout the day. You can also turn to this technique whenever you start to have negative thoughts about your financial situation or doubts about your future prosperity.


Tapping for Money – Getting Started

To get started tapping for money, you must first learn the tapping locations and technique used. Once you’re familiar with the technique and have found what works for you – some people notice that certain spots work better than others – you can choose affirmations. The following steps will help you choose your affirmations for money and start using this technique:

  • Find a quiet place to relax and think about your financial situation. Think about how much money you have and how it makes you feel. The negative thoughts that pop into your head such as “I can’t pay my bills” are the negative thoughts you need to counteract through tapping for money.
  • Choose your affirmations based on the thoughts that popped into your head during your meditations. For the above example, you could choose to say “I have enough money to pay my bills.”
  • Use tapping regularly and any time you start to have negative thoughts.


Using EFT to bring about wealth in your life involves changing your current attitude about your life and financial situation. Once you start to think positively, you will allow positive change to occur in your life. Humans are often limited psychologically rather than physically when it comes to success and wealth manifestation, meaning that you accept and create in your life what you think you deserve. Tapping for money changes your thought process and allows you to accept the abundance that has always been there for the taking.


For a great resource on tapping for money, check out 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation, or my 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation Review!

How to Attract Money

                             How to Attract Money

EFT, emotional freedom technique, can help you learn how to attract money through positive thinking. Having strong roots in psychology and behavioral therapy in particular, EFT utilizes real psychological principles to transform the mind and help people learn how to start attracting money. The premise is this: What people think they deserve in life is what they create. EFT changes negative internal dialogues to positive ones, which brings about positive change such as an increase in income.

How to Attract Money – Blockages to Money

In life, you will always settle for what you think you deserve. Whether you settle when it comes to relationships, the treatment you accept from others, or how much money you earn, you limit yourself by not believing that you deserve great things. Before you can get that promotion, that new job or even a raise, you need to learn how to attract money by removing your blockages to money.

Many people have a hard time learning how to attract money because they sabotage their life by believing things that limit their potential. Such beliefs are referred to as negative internal dialogues or limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are those thoughts you have about how your life is going or what your future will bring, how deserving you are of happiness and financial success, and how you measure up to those around you. Here are some examples:

  • So and so deserves that promotion more than I do.
  • I don’t deserve to earn more money.
  • My boss doesn’t notice anything I do.
  • I can’t volunteer for that project; I’m not good at anything.

Learning how to attract money involves putting aside these negative beliefs and replacing them with positive ones.


How to Attract Money – Training the Mind to Accept Wealth

Before you can increase your income potential, you need to believe that it’s possible. EFT has shown quite a bit of success when it comes to wealth manifestation. So, before you can learn how to attract money, you need to train your mind to accept it through positive affirmations for money.

Your mind is perhaps the greatest driving force in your life, and your thoughts are – more often than not – responsible for your destiny. In order to train your mind to lead you to the destiny you desire, you must start believing that the things you want to happen will. You do this through positive affirmations.

The affirmations you choose will differ from those of others, because you must directly attack your personal internal dialogue with statements that contradict the negative things you tell yourself. For example, if you always think that you don’t work hard enough to earn more money, your affirmations for money may include “I’m a hard worker, and I deserve to earn more money.” Only when you use these affirmations daily and internalize them will you learn how to attract money.


How to Attract Money – The EFT Technique


EFT involves tapping strategic acupuncture points with your fingertips rhythmically while repeating affirmations for money in your head or while saying them aloud. The points used for tapping typically are found in the face, upper body, hands and wrists. You can use this technique anytime you start feeling or thinking negatively about your financial situation or as part of your normal daily routine. In most cases, using EFT as part of your routine and as a distraction when you start to doubt your own possibilities works best.

After you’ve used EFT for several weeks, you will notice that your thoughts regarding your income potential will become more positive and that you don’t have to rely on tapping quite as much. However, the technique is always there just in case you need reminded of how to attract money.

This technique has been proven successful again and again. When you start to believe in yourself – really believe in yourself – good things happen. Once you start believing that a more financially secure future is possible and that you deserve it, you will realize that you’ve known how to attract money all along.


For additional information regarding how to attract money using EFT, check out 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation, or my 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation Review!