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Tapping for Money – Using EFT to Achieve Financial Security

Tapping for Money

                                 Tapping for Money

Tapping for Money, a psychological technique that has helped many achieve financial security, involves using mind-over-matter techniques to help people overcome blockages to money. The premise of this technique lies in the power of the mind to both manifest great things in life and prevent them from happening simply through state of mind. For example, someone who is always negative and has a negative internal mantra like, “I’m never going to earn a promotion,” will most likely never earn a promotion. It’s those with a positive attitude – those who believe things will happen – that actually make positive things happen in their life.

Tapping for Money – What Is EFT?

Far from a new-age technique that boils down to mere hocus pocus, tapping for money utilizes proven psychological triggers and positive affirmations for money growth. Known as EFT or meridian tapping, this technique has the backing of both the psychological and medical fields and is becoming more popular by the day as a tool to reduce stress, curb bad habits and behaviors as well as for wealth manifestation.

Tapping for money is usually more effective than other types of self-help therapies including cognitive and behavioral therapy because it involves more than finding out why you think the way you do. It involves changing the way you think. Instead of doing so through willpower alone, EFT gives you the tools you need to both stop your thought processes that keep you from attracting money and replace those thoughts with positive ones that will lead you to success.


Tapping for Money – How It Works

Meridian tapping techniques involve rhythmic tapping in strategic acupressure points to promote well being and positive thinking. There are eight main focal points for EFT, most of which are located on the face, upper body, hands and wrists. Because the taps are performed in such inconspicuous places, tapping for money can be performed anywhere at any time.

Taps are performed 5 to 7 times along with affirmations for money, which may be spoken aloud or thought about silently. Some affirmations used in tapping for money might include:

  • I am prosperous and successful.
  • I have abundant wealth in my life.
  • I am earning great money at my job.
  • I will earn a promotion or bonus soon.
  • I will get a great-paying job.

Tapping for money can be performed daily as part of your wake-up routine or at several points throughout the day. You can also turn to this technique whenever you start to have negative thoughts about your financial situation or doubts about your future prosperity.


Tapping for Money – Getting Started

To get started tapping for money, you must first learn the tapping locations and technique used. Once you’re familiar with the technique and have found what works for you – some people notice that certain spots work better than others – you can choose affirmations. The following steps will help you choose your affirmations for money and start using this technique:

  • Find a quiet place to relax and think about your financial situation. Think about how much money you have and how it makes you feel. The negative thoughts that pop into your head such as “I can’t pay my bills” are the negative thoughts you need to counteract through tapping for money.
  • Choose your affirmations based on the thoughts that popped into your head during your meditations. For the above example, you could choose to say “I have enough money to pay my bills.”
  • Use tapping regularly and any time you start to have negative thoughts.


Using EFT to bring about wealth in your life involves changing your current attitude about your life and financial situation. Once you start to think positively, you will allow positive change to occur in your life. Humans are often limited psychologically rather than physically when it comes to success and wealth manifestation, meaning that you accept and create in your life what you think you deserve. Tapping for money changes your thought process and allows you to accept the abundance that has always been there for the taking.


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